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  • Top Ranked Italian Public Universities offering Medical Education in English with 100% Scholarship.
  • Students are granted with 5200 Euro (Approx.) stipend per year to maintain their living cost in Italy
  • Students granted with the 100% scholarship are not required to pay any Tuition Fee at all.
  • Stipend covers their accommodation, food, travel and all other expenses.
  • It is not mandatory to present IELTS/TOEFL certificate.
  • Language proficiency can be prove on the basis of MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION.
  • Part time job opportunity for 20 hrs/week (In Holidays- 40 hrs/week
  • Admission depends on IMAT examination which held in the month of September.
  • Benefits of Schengen Study Visa.


Studying medicine in Italy is a perpetual adventure. Rooted in a rich historical tradition of medical excellence, it offers world-class education, nurturing both intellect and culture. The experience goes beyond textbooks, encompassing Italy’s art, language, and cuisine. The multilingual environment enhances skills and broadens horizons, making it accessible to international students. Italy’s revered healthcare system opens doors for residencies and careers. Moreover, the ever-evolving medical landscape ensures lifelong learning. In this vibrant setting, the pursuit of medicine becomes a lifelong odyssey, a journey of discovery, and a commitment to healing that never truly ends.


High-Quality Medical Education at Top Ranked Universities.

100% Scholarship covers entire living cost.

5200 Euro Stipend per year.

No IELTS/TOEFL mandatory

Affordable Country for Medical Students.

European MD Degree.

What is IMAT?

Medicine & Surgery is a challenging 6-year program with limited access. Aspiring students must pass the mandatory IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) after registering and paying a fee, demonstrating their commitment. This stringent process upholds high standards in the medical field, filtering out less dedicated individuals. While it demands dedication, commitment, and financial investment, it opens the door to a fulfilling healthcare career, ensuring that those who enter are well-prepared and motivated to save lives and enhance well-being.

IMAT Format

The IMAT, a paper-based entrance exam, has a maximum duration of four months. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, categorized into four sections. Each question offers five answer choices, with only one being the correct option. Test-takers are allotted a total of 100 minutes to complete the entire exam, including the time required for transferring their answers to the answer sheet. This format challenges candidates to demonstrate a solid grasp of the subject matter within a limited timeframe, assessing their knowledge and ability to make accurate decisions under pressure.


The International Medical Admission Test (IMAT) is a subject-specific entrance exam in English, designed by Cambridge Assessment for undergraduates seeking admission to Medicine & Surgery programs at Italian universities. In collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR), Cambridge Evaluation administers the IMAT. Registration for the IMAT exam typically begins in June or July, with the exam taking place in the first or second week of September. The registration fee, approximately 150 Euros, is the responsibility of the student. In India, the IMAT test location is in Gurugram, southwest of New Delhi.



“It is mandatory for a student to give the NEET Examination as well, along with the IMAT, if he/she wants to practice in India after completing their MBBS program in Italy. But if they do not want to return back to India for any kind of practice, NEET is not mandatory”.

How It Works?


1. Bachelor Degree

At the starting of the application process, we advice our student to have a backup option of Bachelor programs in Bio field. If in case the student can not clear the IMAT Examination, he/she can continue the process for the Bachelor Degree program. We just need to proceed with the Visa application for the same. Admission & Scholarship would have been processed simultaneously with the MBBS program.

2. Foundation Program

Second option will be the “Foundation Program”. After getting the results of IMAT, Student can apply for the Foundation program in universities like- Siena, Venice, Pisa etc. This will be of 9-12 months program. Students can prepare for the IMAT Examination in these foundation program and appear in the next IMAT Examination as an EU-student. But there will be no scholarships and students will have to pay the tuition fee (3500-5000 Euro approx.) and need to maintain the living cost on their own.


We are also providing post visa services to the students.

• Guidance for the Accommodation.
• Guidance to apply for Residence Permit Card.
• Guidance to apply for Tax Code (Codice Fiscale).
• Guidance to compplete Enrollment at University.
• Guidance to Open a Bank Account.
• Guidance to apply for ISEE certifcate.
• Guidance in Submission of the Scholarship Documents. Etc.

We hope now you are familiar with the complete product and process. Kindly do not make any statement to the students until & unless you are confident about the same..

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